Market Analysis of Electronic Wristband for Community-Based Correction


Market Analysis of Electronic Wristband for Community-Based Correction

Throughout history, the prison has a complex relationship with its prisoners. In modern times, we have been devoting to build humane care society, and one of the tasks is how to manage the community-based correction programs. It is really a challenge to carry out the community-based correction programs in a humane care society. GPS Electronic wristband overcomes the challenge perfectly. As the rapid development of information technology, the wristband has been applied with technologies of computer, geographical information, mobile location, communication etc. The GPS wristband that was issued to the community-based offender by the authority could auto report offender’s location for monitoring purpose. This has been an important and popular method of how to monitor and manage the community-based offender, as well as valid evidence.


Community-based correction system is the comprehensive service platform, which has been developed and customized for effectively managing the offenders in each community. The system raw data comes from the electronic wristband, and could be used for monitoring the offenders’ location, tracking history and activity areas in an effective and timely manner. The system could be integrated with existing process or management system to the offenders, in order to provide user-friendly interface and improve the management achievement.

Prison, Detention Center, Community Correctional Center, Community-based or Home-based Case, Case Homes, Hospital, Outdoor Operations.


With this platform, we could get the real-time locations without shadowing the offenders. It will provide plenty of free space to the offenders, and decrease feelings of exclusion, which will obviously benefit to building humane care society.