Thinkrace ---- Providing Customized Smart Watch to Support Location  Health Management


Thinkrace ---- Providing Customized Smart Watch to Support Location  Health Management

The smart watch developed by Thinkrace gives full play to its advantages in health management and real-time location, and could be used for remote nursing, monitoring, data generation, location management etc.


Customizing the Smart Watch to Provide Health monitoring and Location Management in Different Scenarios:

Prison, Detention Center, Community Correctional Center, Community-based or Home-based Case, Case Homes, Hospital, Outdoor Operations.


About the Customized Solution Package Provided by Nanjing Thinkrace:

1、Extraordinary Algorithm

Thinkrace independently developed the algorithm to identify the movement and all other sensors, which will provide accurate data for step-counting, sleeping, heart rate, blood pressure, ECG monitoring.

2、Integrated Technology

Multiple IoT technologies, like Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, UWB, LORA, have been implemented into the watch or wearable devices, in order to fulfill the requests from different scenarios.

3、Seamless Integration

Thinkrace will provide the SDK and open API, so that the device could be seamlessly integrated to new platform.

4、Delivering Excellent Service

Thinkrace has got its own factory delivering the product with great efficiency and high quality. Online tech support service is also available to provide excellent aftersales service.