Market analysis of community correction Bracelet


Market analysis of community correction Bracelet

Since ancient times, the relationship between prison and prisoners is very delicate. In modern times, with the construction of national humanized society, prison also needs to make changes, and community correction management is one of them. However, how to implement humanized management on the basis of ensuring its own order is also a difficult problem.


The birth of community correction positioning electronic Bracelet perfectly solves this problem. With the rapid development of information technology, the use of computer technology, geographic information technology, mobile positioning technology, communication technology has become an inevitable trend, regulatory agencies for community prisoners with positioning bracelet. It has become an important supervision way and method to monitor and manage the position of community prisoners through positioning bracelets, which can be used as the basis of law enforcement.


The community correction system is a comprehensive service platform specially designed for the judicial community correction work, which can effectively supervise the community correction objects. Based on the positioning electronic wristband, the system can effectively and timely monitor the position, action track, activity area of the community correction personnel, and integrate and process the information in combination with the actual daily work and business logic of the judicial system It is easy to use, intuitive effect, effective management and powerful function. It can not only locate the position of the correction personnel in real time, but also do not need to keep an eye on them all the time. It gives the correction personnel sufficient freedom, offsets their resistance, and naturally has great benefits for the construction of humanized management.