Thinkrace provides smart community correction solutions


Thinkrace provides smart community correction solutions

For the community correction personnel serving out of prison, it has been managed by judicial personnel and community volunteers, and there is a lack of personnel. At the same time, there is a certain mobility of correction personnel, so it is impossible to carry out effective management, and it is difficult to manage the process and supervision. How to effectively manage the community correction personnel has always been an important topic of the judicial department.


With more than 15 years of experience in community correction, Thinkrace has provided community correction solutions for the judicial organs of Atlanta week, New York, Shanxi and Pinggu District of Beijing. We can provide customized hardware and software systems for community correction.


What are the advantages of Siris community correction solution:

1. Regional monitoring

● Real time location query: to know whether the community correction objects leave the scope of safety activities within the set time, and provide assessment basis.

● Random query function: according to the special authorization, the correction object can be randomly queried.

2. Warning notice

● Cross border alarm: when the correction personnel exceed the safe activity area, the system will automatically alarm, record and send information to the correction management personnel.

● Disassembly alarm: when the community correction bracelet worn by the correction object is illegally disassembled, the alarm signal will be automatically sent out.

3. File management

● Personal information: establish the personal information database of correction objects (age, address, correction content, heart type and other basic information), and set the monitoring level of correction objects.