Application of intelligent wear in sports


Application of intelligent wear in sports

In our country, more and more attention is paid to physical education. A few years ago, physical education in schools can basically be described as "in vain". Physical education can be occupied by teachers of any subject. In those years, many students generally thought that their PE teacher was weak and ill, or "not doing his job", and there were endless things to do. Now physical education is valued, students' physical exercise is concerned. As a student's learning capital, body bears a heavy responsibility, and good physical exercise can constantly improve the physical quality of students. In order to help the school sports teaching more efficient, student sports Bracelet appears in front of everyone.


The use of student sports bracelet is one of the characteristics of sports information teaching. Sports information teaching refers to the application of modern teaching methods under the guidance of modern teaching ideas, supported by information technology.


The advantages of using sports bracelets in physical education are as follows:

1. Intelligent monitoring classroom teaching

This paper uses the students' exercise bracelet to monitor the quality of physical education class and the movement of students in the process of achieving the goal. It presents the exercise intensity, exercise density, class average heart rate curve, students' heart rate curve, heart rate warning and other indicators. The data visualization can better guide the teaching.

2. Exercise intervention heart rate warning

Students' health and safety is the top priority of school work, and it is very important to actively prevent campus sports accidents. Using sports bracelet to monitor the classroom, real-time monitoring of students' sports situation, establishing sports risk early warning mechanism, ensuring classroom safety, enhancing sports safety awareness, and improving sports risk management ability.

3. Accurate data acquisition and analysis

The data collected and tracked by the students' Sports bracelet is fed back to the information platform in the form of radar chart, which can directly display the students' physical fitness and sports health quality, and can continuously track the students' physical fitness level test for many times, record and show the development trend of students' physical fitness change, show all the classroom data, sports data, performance data, physical fitness data, etc., and provide reference for education management decision makers For more scientific and accurate data support.