The key to the prevention and control of school epidemic situation is to close the school gate


The key to the prevention and control of school epidemic situation is to close the school gate

The Ministry of Education held an expert consultation Video Conference on epidemic prevention and control in schools. The conference said that we should adhere to the good experience of epidemic prevention and control, control the "school gate", strictly measure the temperature and check the health code, do a good job in monitoring the health status of teachers and students, strengthen the management of gathering activities, insist on the prevention of people and multiple diseases, prevent the risk of multiple infectious diseases, and carry out scientific prevention and control It's the best policy.


Electronic access control function 

Bluetooth NFC fast identification, the system through identity recognition open access. 

Electronic attendance function 

You can set the attendance area, attendance object and attendance time period, and then the system can automatically count the actual attendance results. 

Real time temperature monitoring function 

The normal temperature range can be set to monitor the temperature of students in real time. When the temperature is higher or lower than the set temperature, the bracelet will automatically send abnormal temperature notice to teachers and parents 

Heart rate exercise health management function 

The bracelet is equipped with heart rate sensor and acceleration sensor, which can realize dynamic heart rate detection and movement data management. Through background setting, it can also realize abnormal heart rate alarm. 

Real time positioning function 

System administrators can view the real-time position of the wearer through the smart campus positioning system.


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