How to prevent and control the epidemic situation in rural areas?


How to prevent and control the epidemic situation in rural areas?

According to people's daily, Tong Zhaohui, a medical expert from the National Health Commission, said in an interview recently that in the past, many of our epidemic cases occurred in cities, and the prevention and control of urban communities can be more specific and accurate. In the countryside, a village is closed, but everyone is in it. There are still contacts, visits and even gatherings. Rural epidemic prevention should be targeted to every family and work door to door.

We should take the prevention and control of epidemic situation in rural areas as the top priority, improve the ability of early detection, give full play to the role of rural three-level network and medical community, implement village reporting, township sampling and county testing, and strengthen the support of urban hospitals to primary medical and health institutions. Grid management should be carried out for those returning to their hometown to reduce aggregation activities. It is necessary to prepare for early isolation, reserve sufficient isolation rooms to meet the needs of isolation, strengthen the standardized management of isolation places, and prevent cross infection.

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In order to assist grass-roots organizations such as streets and communities to do a good job of self isolation for migrant workers for 14 days, thinkrace technology has launched the "Tamperproof GPS watch" and quarantine monitoring system. Managers can remotely monitor the home quarantine person, setting the quarantine area, check the Tracking history if the person get out of the quarantion area, monitor the health status and other conditions .Thinkrace support OEM/ODM the smart watch,GPS Tracker  and tracking system for different management purpose.Welcome to contact with us for more details.