Development customization, we are professional!


Development customization, we are professional!

Recently, Nanjing thinkrace technology has launched a 4G Bracelet development board, open SDK and source code, providing a fast and effective solution for the majority of enterprises.


Nanjing thinkrace open source customization solution has the following advantages:

  1. Algorithm major Self developed biosensor and action recognition algorithm, with accurate step counting, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, ECG professional algorithm ability

  2. Comprehensive technology Master Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, UWB and Lora technologies, and apply relevant technologies to wearable products to meet the needs of different scenarios

  3. Seamless connection Provide product SDK and open API interface, and implement with system integrator

  4. No worries about service Self owned factory, flexible delivery, controllable quality, able to deal with technical problems immediately to ensure after-sales quality.