Open source customized solution of smart campus Bracelet


Open source customized solution of smart campus Bracelet

Based on the general smart bracelet, Nanjing thinkrace optimizes and improves the function of smart bracelet for school scenes, and proposes an intelligent development board scheme, which can open SDK and source code.


Users can independently add health monitoring, Bluetooth positioning, GPS positioning, NFC access control, small consumption, campus message push, Bluetooth interactive answering, and add the function of writing student number and name, so that it has the function of student card. With the Bluetooth gateway, it can realize the senseless examination, meet the needs of classroom interaction, realize directional message notification, and combine the heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring functions of the bracelet Now the comprehensive management of students, with the school card, library management system, accommodation management system, to solve students in school, especially boarding school students digital management problems.

It can meet the school's management needs for student identity ID, indoor and outdoor location management, short message notification, campus consumption, work and rest monitoring, sports data collection, health data, behavior big data analysis, and effectively solve the problems of campus students' health and safety management.