Think race black tech bracelet, fight the epidemic


Think race black tech bracelet, fight the epidemic

In order to help front-line prevention and control personnel safely and efficiently complete the supervision of home isolation personnel, thinkrace Technology Co., Ltd. combines GPS wireless positioning technology, positioning platform and positioning hardware products to launch a set of epidemic isolation monitoring hand ring pt99ht, which is used for isolation observation of epidemic personnel and out supervision, so as to facilitate grassroots prevention and control personnel to effectively manage the crowd who need isolation observation Control.

Based on the GPS positioning + anti disassembly positioning Bracelet home isolation supervision scheme, combined with the system's unique electronic fence, data reporting, real-time positioning and other functions, it realizes the information management and visual management of the isolation personnel, so as to prevent the spread of the epidemic and help scientific epidemic prevention.


Through the access of network technology, it can realize the seamless control of all-weather and multi-directional isolation at home, which can not only reduce the cost of human resources, but also improve the efficiency of epidemic prevention and control supervision;