How to quickly access heart rate Bracelet SDK?


How to quickly access heart rate Bracelet SDK?

As the market of intelligent heart rate Bracelet gradually heats up, the demand for function development of heart rate bracelet is growing. At this time, it is necessary to access the heart rate Bracelet SDK. For each server of intelligent heart rate bracelet, it is necessary to conduct data interaction with the SDK of each channel. After the login and authentication operation of the third-party SDK, the client only needs to access the abstract SDK access layer, instead of accessing the SDK of each channel. This is very useful for the secondary development of the function of the smart heart rate bracelet.


In addition, through the analysis of the functions that need to be realized in the whole framework, Nanjing Sirius has designed a framework that can realize unified SDK login authentication, payment center and heart rate monitoring. The development of heart rate Bracelet SDK includes the abstract SDK access framework, how to access the abstract SDK access framework for clients, how to integrate the SDKs of various channels into the SDK framework, how to implement one click packaging tools, and how to realize unified functions. Nanjing Xingrui Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development of intelligent wearable products, and provides heart rate Bracelet SDK service. Welcome to contact us.