One stop customized intelligent epidemic prevention solution


One stop customized intelligent epidemic prevention solution

The pt99ht epidemic isolation bracelet and epidemic monitoring software system independently developed by thinkrace technology in Nanjing have been widely applied in many countries and regions such as the Middle East, Africa, South America and Europe. From hardware to software, targeted development of customized solutions, truly achieve a one-stop customized service.

Thinkracept99ht epidemic isolation bracelet is mainly used for elderly care institutions, hospitals, communities, schools, etc. for remote monitoring personnel to prevent and control the epidemic situation. Precise temperature measurement, heart rate measurement, real-time positioning, electronic fence, receiving SMS and other functions, is a remote monitoring artifact for epidemic prevention.


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Epidemic monitoring software system Thinkrace epidemic monitoring software system is mainly designed for supervision and community service institutions to manage a large number of equipment and personnel, especially suitable for risk and efficiency management of epidemic prevention and control. Functions include: personnel management, equipment management, statistical reports, real-time positioning, historical trajectory, electronic fence setting, health data monitoring, etc.

Platform source code:


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