Nanjing thinkrace PT400, a regulatory positioning watch specially developed for community correction


Nanjing thinkrace PT400, a regulatory positioning watch specially developed for community correction


Recently, Nanjing thinkrace Technology Co., Ltd. has independently developed the supervision positioning watch PT400. The watch is a product developed and designed for the needs of accurate positioning and health monitoring management of personnel in judicial institutions and other application scenarios. Through the layout of the base station, it receives the main information data such as the position positioning, physiological health data and activity track tracking of the personnel with the watch. By using these monitoring, the personnel health status monitoring and analysis, cross regional cross boundary alarm and emergency events can be realized It can prevent malignant accidents in advance and improve the overall intelligent safety management.


The functions of PT400 include: 1. The electronic wristband has built-in GSM / GPRS communication module to realize data interaction. 2. The electronic wristband has a waterproof grade of IP67. 3. The electronic wrist watch has anti disassembly function, which can realize GPS tracking, automatic reporting of position information, automatic alarm, automatic reporting of alarm information, interaction with the system platform, system configuration and other functions. 4. The electronic watch has the function of receiving and sending information from the background of display service. 5. Instant query location 6. Electronic fence alarm 7. Anti disassembly function: when forcibly removed or maliciously damaged, it will continuously send out alarm signal and record time information at the same time 8. Low voltage alarm: when the voltage is low, it will prompt charging and upload the information of low voltage for timely charging 9. Display screen: display time, support customized service. 10. Ultra low power consumption, long standby time 11. Support SMS viewing 12 supports the server to issue multiple instructions at the same time

Alarm in time (including but not limited to) in case of the following situations: 1. The electronic Wristband (watch) is damaged maliciously (including the wristband is cut, disassembled, detached, etc.) 2. There is a shortage of electricity. 3. Electronic watch information shows that it is crossing the allowed boundary, moving fast, approaching a certain area, not moving for a long time, etc.