How to look at the tamper proof and waterproof positioning watch for supervision?


How to look at the tamper proof and waterproof positioning watch for supervision?


Today's society pays more attention to the humanized experience. GPS Supervision products are progressing towards the humanized direction. In addition to the monitoring function, other life skills are added, which makes the appearance function of GPS products change. Under the premise of the main functions of GPS and other multiple positioning, the functions of water-proof, anti demolition, heart rate test, and motion meter are also in demand.


Supervision watch is not only for prisoners, but also can be used to protect our families. Stable and accurate positioning signal has become the standard to judge whether a positioning product is good or bad. The electronic fence function can effectively prevent the old people from missing and the children being abducted and sold. The historical track function can find out several possible places of activity by checking the historical footprints in the background when no family members can be found.

Under the background of this market, Nanjing thinkrace quickly established a professional R & D team, independently developed the anti disassembly waterproof intelligent positioning watch PT400 and related application app for supervision, which can set electronic fence on the platform, and if the watch wearer walks out of the fence, the platform alarm will be triggered. If the strap is cut or opened abnormally, the platform alarm will be triggered, and the monitoring manager can take relevant measures in time.