Wearing smart Bracelet makes home isolation safer


Wearing smart Bracelet makes home isolation safer


It is the key to prevent and control the epidemic situation at the grass-roots level to ensure that the isolation personnel at home do not go out for 14 days. The task of community epidemic prevention is heavy, and man to man tactics are not operable. Is there any technology that does not invade privacy and can keep track of isolated personnel in real time? At a time when they were at a loss, the pt99ht epidemic isolation Bracelet launched by thinkrace technology in Nanjing effectively solved this problem.


Pt99 epidemic isolation Bracelet integrates real-time positioning, electronic fence, anti detachment alarm, health monitoring and other functions. It is equipped with management background and app to master the location and health data of isolation personnel in real time. Meanwhile, it can upload the temperature of isolators in real time to avoid cross infection. It can improve the efficiency of epidemic prevention and reduce the work intensity of grass-roots staff.

The pt99 epidemic isolation bracelet and epidemic monitoring software system independently developed by thinkrace technology in Nanjing has been widely used in many countries and regions such as the Middle East, Africa, South America and Europe. Take the UAE as an example, thinkrace technology deployed a complete set of epidemic monitoring software system for the emergency crisis and Disaster Management Committee in Abu Dhabi, and provided the pt99 epidemic isolation Bracelet in batches. Help the country effectively control the new crown epidemic.