Smart prison, science and technology to free the police will no longer be an empty slogan


Smart prison, science and technology to free the police will no longer be an empty slogan


With the arrival of the smart prison, the liberation of the police force by technology will no longer be an empty slogan. The new generation of information and communication technologies and their devices, supported by the mobile Internet of Things, mobile Internet, smart wearable technology, artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, have opened a wave of smart prison upgrades.

PT99 prisoner monitoring and positioning bracelet is one of the more commonly used iot devices in smart prisons. Prison environment is more complex, detainees in the majority with criminals, often appear within the prison inmates out-of-control, escaped from prison, etc., and monitor positioning PT99 prisoners bracelets is designed for criminals held inside the prison, the purpose is to monitor the position of the prisoners in prison action, to prevent the prisoners escaped from prison, fighting and so on.

Advantages of PT99 Prisoner Monitoring and positioning bracelet:

With anti - demolition function Prisoners belong to a high control group, with poor self-consciousness and self-discipline. Some prisoners have a resistance to the positioning bracelet, or have a tendency to escape. The anti-removal function of the prison bracelet can realize mandatory supervision. When the prisoner violently removes the bracelet, the bracelet can automatically report to the police to remind the prison guards to pay attention.


With vital signs monitoring function The bracelet has the function of heart rate monitoring. When the prisoner's heart rate is lower than/higher than the normal value, it will immediately report to the prison administrator. The function of heart rate monitoring can not only monitor the physical condition of prisoners in real time, but also prevent the prisoners from committing suicide to a great extent and reduce the occurrence of accidents.


Water Resistant Because the bracelet has the function of detachable, the prisoner cannot be disassembled, so the waterproof function is indispensable. The bracelet has the waterproof level of IP67. Under normal temperature and pressure, wearing a watch to take a shower will not cause any harmful effects, fully meeting the daily needs of water.