RFID campus attendance management system makes school management more convenient


RFID campus attendance management system makes school management more convenient


With the development of society, people's work is more and more busy, but the care of their children is becoming more and more inadequate. In the case of unable to transfer children to and from school, the safety of their children going to and from school affects the hearts of every student's parents. If the students can make the sound of the school newspaper sound safe and tell the parents when they leave school, so that the parents can know the exact time of their children's arrival and departure from school, they will undoubtedly avoid all day's concern and understand their children's learning and living conditions in school An urgent need of parents.

The RFID campus attendance management system developed by ThinkRace technology is an intelligent management system for unified management, unified attendance and automatic SMS notification for students entering and leaving the school. The system is a set of advanced RFID technology, computer technology and wireless communication technology in one information exchange system.


Each student carries a long-distance tag card. Each card number is unique and is also the identity of each student. There is a card reader at the school gate. When students enter or leave the school gate, the card does not need to be taken out. The card reader reads the card automatically and transmits the card number to the front-end computer. The front-end computer judges the card number and uploads the data to the RFID campus attendance management system. The system can realize the legal identification of students and record the students entering or leaving the school.


Parents can not only get the information of children's arrival and departure time by SMS. Schools can use the system to manage students more effectively and communicate closely with parents. Including the children's examination results, homework comments, recent performance and various school notices, activity information can also be sent to parents in time, parents can first understand the situation of children in school. So as to effectively cooperate with the school for children's guidance and education, improve the overall level of teaching management, and lay the foundation for the follow-up campus information management.