Community correction Watch - PT400


Community correction Watch - PT400


In our country, community correction refers to the non custodial corrective punishment or test (Declaration of probation) for the four types of criminal acts which are relatively light, such as being sentenced to control, declaring probation, ruling parole and temporarily executing outside prison. How to effectively supervise and manage the corrected objects is a problem worthy of further study.


To this end, Nanjing Xingrui Technology Co., Ltd. launched the 4G community correction watch PT400, which effectively solved this problem. PT400 community correction wristwatch combined with Le cellular management platform can regularly upload the location information of the wearer, and the supervisors can monitor and query, so as to prevent the occurrence of some "lack of tube, leakage tube, off tube quot; phenomenon.

The PT400 watch band adopts explosion-proof and anti disassembly design. If it is cut or removed illegally, the monitoring center can receive the alarm information immediately, which is convenient for the management of community correction personnel. Le cellular management platform can set up an electronic fence to frame the activity range of the monitored person. Once he goes out of the scope of the electronic fence, the background will immediately give an alarm and remind, and the management personnel can take corresponding measures in time.