Thinkrace—— the weathervane of future smart wearable


Thinkrace—— the weathervane of future smart wearable


The global wearables market was hotter than expected in 2016, with shipments reaching 33.9 million units in the fourth quarter, up 16.9 percent year on year. Shipments grew 25 percent in 2016, and the top five wearables vendors continued to update their product lines. Global shipments of wearable devices reached 102 million by the end of last year, according to data released by IDC. Tech giants have incorporated smart wearable devices into their potential main businesses, ranking only behind smartphones and tablets. Small and medium-sized enterprises are also gaining strength and improving their innovation capabilities. Earlier, wearable devices have gone through an important transition period, and two obvious application directions have emerged. Another important direction is healthcare applications, especially in sensors and chip upgrades that are widely developed in the medical field. In addition to the top five, the industry is also expanding rapidly, tapping into segments of the wearable market. It can be seen that The Chinese market has become the core market for the growth of wearable devices.


Health monitoring is an important reason for many users to choose wearable devices. Thinkrace is combined with the medical and health field to meet the urgent rigid health needs of the public, and also provides greater commercial space for wearable devices to be explored. Smart wearable devices of Star Power have been gradually applied in the medical industry. Wearable devices are used to detect, collect, analyze and process patient health data, so as to serve as an important auxiliary basis for doctors' clinical diagnosis and improve the efficiency of consultation.

How can wearables play a bigger role in healthcare? In the final analysis, we should make the detection function more intelligent and smarter. What is the future of wearables? In addition to health monitoring, consumers are also looking forward to wearable devices that can help them make their lives easier, eliminate the need to carry around heavy computers, and make daily tasks easier. "Portable wearable" is originally the core concept of smart wearable devices. For consumers, the time has come when they can work with their wrists raised and monitor their health anytime, anywhere.