Xingrui: leading the new trend of intelligent pension


Xingrui: leading the new trend of intelligent pension


The current pension operation modes are home-based pension, institutional pension, community-based pension, real-estate pension, combination of medical care and pension, and living pension. The smart pension platform must meet the management and operation of these pension modes.



Nanjing Xingrui realizes the mobile processing of information through mobile intelligent terminal. It mainly provides grid information emergency alarm, real-time positioning, offline operation, etc.

(1) Emergency alarm 

One button alarm mode is provided. When the grid member finds out the danger, he can click the shortcut button to call the command center, and automatically report the current position to the command center, so as to quickly handle the emergency.

(2) Real time positioning

The location of the mobile device holder can be reported to the community grid service management platform or command center in real time, and can be displayed on the GIS map, so as to facilitate the dispatching and command of the command center, and speed up the response time; at the same time, it can monitor the trajectories of grid members as the basis for attendance management and performance evaluation.

(3) Offline operation 

 If there is no network, you can log in to the system, and you can register and query the data offline. After the network is restored, the input data can be uploaded automatically.