Nanjing Xingrui smart watch for children's safety


Nanjing Xingrui smart watch for children's safety


As a group that needs to be cared for in the society, children are younger, their self-protection consciousness is relatively weak, and their resistance ability is poor when they encounter danger. Therefore, they need the dual protection of parents and society. According to relevant statistics, there are about 70000 children of families being abducted and sold by human traffickers every year in China. The safety of children has attracted the attention of all walks of life. As a well-known educational brand and educational equipment manufacturer in China, Noah Ark has a wide range of children and family users. It attaches great importance to the protection of children's safety. In order to ensure the safety of children, Noah Ark has established a cooperative relationship with Nanjing star.



Under the background of cooperation, Nanjing starrise quickly established a professional R & D team and launched children's intelligent positioning watch and related application app on how to protect children's safety, aiming to provide parents and children with more sense of security and a more secure future.

First of all, this is a smart watch that can be bound to a mobile app. After downloading and installing the app, all settings and controls are completed by parents on the mobile phone, which prevents children from playing at will and has strong concealment. And can set the family number, two-way call, and communicate with children at any time. Secondly, with the help of GPS technology, the watch can realize accurate positioning all day long. It can query the current position and movement status of the child on the mobile app client. At the same time, it can also query the historical track and record the moment of each passing. Even when the child is in danger, as long as the SOS button on the watch is touched, the watch will send out a distress signal. Keep track of your child all the time, so you don't have to worry about your child's missing.

Nowadays, children are the top priority in the family. Nanjing Xingrui hopes that with the help of this small watch, it can reduce the accidental injury to children and protect their healthy growth!