Nanjing Thinkarce team inspected Sihong, and conspired with the new layout of smart medical care


 On August 21, Mr. Tang Rixin, chairman of nanjing Thinkarce and his team went to Sihong in suqian for investigation and exchange, which was warmly welcomed by the leaders of Sihong economic development zone.Thinkarce team focused on the humanistic environment and market environment of S ihong, and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the implementation of smart medical care project.


In his speech, Mr. Tang Rixin, chairman of Nanjing Thinkarce, introduced the general situation of the company's development, elaborated the company's positioning, vision and business direction in detail, and emphatically introduced the care star smart medical care platform and the system services provided.He pointed out in the introduction that Nanjing Thinkarce is committed to speeding up the establishment of pension service system and the development of the elderly service industry, promoting the diversification, diversification and intelligence of pension services, inheriting filial piety with science and technology, and enjoying a healthy life.After listening to the detailed introduction of Mr. Tang Rixin, chairman of the board, Sihong leaders gave full recognition and recognition, especially praise for the intelligent medical care solution.


Sihong has 40 percent of the water surface of Hongze lake, one of China's four major fresh water lakes, and the national hongze lake wetland park is inlaid with it. Sihong is the home of eco-tourism, and the practice and innovation base of "green water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains" in China. Sihong is a livable and sustainable city.In recent years, Sihong is also actively building the elderly service industry, actively promoting the intelligent elderly industry.We warmly welcome and actively support Nanjing Thinkarcei, a professional scientific and technological enterprise focusing on intelligent medical care.Sihong leader expressed the hope that after comprehensive investigation and comparison, Nanjing Thinkarce team will work together to promote the development of pension service industry and seek a new layout of smart medical treatment and nursing, so as to benefit Sihong!