Leaders from Xuyi visited Thinkrace and praised Thinkrace's intelligent medical care products and models


In the afternoon of August 22nd, Xuyi leaders, lihe Yangtze river and a team from Xuyi visited Nanjing Thinkrace technology co., LTD.


Mr. Tang Rixin, chairman of Thinkrace, accompanied the visiting guests to visit the company, and introduced the company layout and the company planning in detail.Chairman Tang Rixin said, Nanjing Thinkrace is a one-stop intelligent medical care system solution provider and landing service provider, is a collection of research and development, production, sales, service in one with smart medical care as the core business of high-tech enterprises.


The guests also visited the new research institute of smart medicine and nursing, marveling at its multi-functional exhibition center, systematic command center and scene-like experience center.After listening to chairman Tang Rixin's introduction on the positioning and functions of smart home-based care, smart medical care community service center, pre-hospital emergency system and smart medical care administrative supervision, we firmly believe that the smart medical care system solution of Thinkrace will benefit the society, inherit filial piety through science and technology, and bring more convenience and benefits to the elderly.


The visiting leaders said that they strongly agree with the concept and model of Thinkrace through this inspection. Nanjing Thinkrace is a scientific and technological company with concept and planning, which will have a great future in the intelligent medical care market.At the same time, welcome Mr. Tang Rixin and his team to Xuyi for a field visit and cooperation.