Professor of Southeast University interview with Nanjing Thinkrace, join hands with smart technology to create a healthy and better life


On the afternoon of August 22, professor meng of southeast university interviewed Thinkrace in Nanjing. The two sides discussed the intelligent technology to serve the elderly group and create a healthy and beautiful life with intelligent technology.




Professor Meng recommended a vital signs monitoring instrument to Mr. Tang Rixin, chairman of Nanjing Thinkrace, which can monitor the sleep, heart rate and other data of the elderly by placing it under the pillow, providing convenience for the health warning and monitoring of the elderly.Mr. Tang Rixin, chairman of the board of directors, said after carefully listening to the introduction of professor Meng that the elderly care service is a service of the whole industrial chain, and the intelligent, healthy and elderly care service cannot fight alone.Smart health care is not a service platform to build everything, it is a system engineering.The caring star platform launched by Nanjing Thinkrace is an open and compatible platform. We are willing to gather the most advantageous products and services with an open attitude and the greatest sincerity, so as to provide more and better convenience and benefits for the elderly all over the world.


The two sides will have pleasant exchanges in a harmonious atmosphere, and further discuss the industry-university-research cooperation between Nanjing Thinkrace and Southeast University, as well as school-enterprise cooperation, so as to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and better serve the society.Mr. Tang Rixin, chairman of the board of directors, said that Nanjing Thinkrace is willing to become the experimental base and practice base of southeast university, and provide convenient conditions for this, and jointly promote the research and achievement transformation of intelligent medical care, big health and other related topics, for the benefit of the society!