Lihe Kechuang group leaders visited Nanjing ThinkRace


On August 14, Mr. He Zhen, President of lihe kechuang group visited ThinkRace in Nanjing.



Mr. Tang rixin, chairman of ThinkRace, introduced the company's situation and development direction to the visiting guests in detail.He and his delegation also visited the new intelligent medical and nursing research institute and highly appreciated the orientation, layout and function setting of the new research institute.Mr. Tang rixin, chairman of the board of directors, said that the smart medical care solutions provided by Nanjing ThinkRace are based on the government regulation and the needs of the elderly as the starting point, organically integrating community care, home care and institutional care, forming an overall comprehensive organic system for elderly care services, leading the innovative way of smart medical care!


The visiting leaders spoke highly of the outstanding achievements and successful experience of Nanjing ThinkRace in the field of intelligent medical care.In the conversation, Mr. Tang rixin, chairman of the board of directors, said affectionatively that Nanjing's unique location advantages, the emphasis on "family style culture", college talent gathering and other conditions can promote  smart pension business to take root in Nanjing quickly, relying on jiangbei new area platform and Nanjing lihe efficient service, is conducive to better and faster development of the company. ThinkRace

 LiHe lihe group total line fully affirmed the overall strength of Nanjing ThinkRace and future development prospects, Nanjing ThinkRace is indeed worthy of an excellent wisdom pension enterprise.