Huai 'an hongze district leaders interview Nanjing ThinkRace planning cooperation blueprint


On August 14, 2019, leaders of hongze district interviewed Nanjing ThinkRace technology co., LTD., and had an in-depth exchange on accelerating investment in hongze district and promoting integrated development. The two sides talked happily and discussed the blueprint of cooperation.


Mr. Tang rixin, chairman of the board, guided the visiting guests to visit the company and introduced the company's products and development mode.Mr. Tang rixin, chairman of the board also discussed the development prospect of smart medical care with the visiting guests. The two sides reached an important consensus on cooperation in smart care and other aspects, and had in-depth exchanges on technology research and development and intelligent hardware development.


The visiting leader said that he was very optimistic about the future cooperation between the two sides, and hoped that Nanjing ThinkRace could increase the industrial investment in hongze district, introduce the technology, products and services of smart medical care to hongze district, and promote the development of smart pension industry in hongze district.

  At the end of the visit, the visiting guests also invited Mr. Tang rixin, chairman of the board, and his team to visit hongze district, in order to achieve in-depth cooperation and benefit the local economy and local residents.。