Special Olympics Abu Dhabi - Part 5


2019 Abu Dhabi Special Olympics, Nanjing ThinkRace Sports Health Service starting point!


Nanjing ThinkRace, science and technology for big games, marathon, cross-country and other outdoor activities that provide for security, safety, health, travel arrangements, so a wide range of support plan for the special Olympics, through the use of high-precision sensors and big data intelligent algorithm for science sports, activities, such as venue management to provide technical support, won the wide recognition and praise of the international community.




ThinkRace has a complete guarantee plan for this special Olympics.For example, it is convenient to view the real-time vital signs data of athletes.Through the continuous monitoring of athletes' health through intelligent hardware, once abnormal happens, the platform can quickly obtain its location, help management personnel respond in time and get timely treatment.




Meanwhile, elites from the company's technical, customer service, sales and other departments are selected to form a technical service team, conduct on-site real-time monitoring and deal with unexpected problems on site, so as to ensure orderly and safe progress of the event. 




After the end of the special Olympics, the project implementation analysis report was sorted out according to the standard process. Through various data reports, systematic statistics and evaluation were conducted on the use of smart wrist watch in athletes and monitoring data, and the experience and deficiencies were summarized to prepare for the better service of large-scale sports competitions in the future.



Special Olympics ABU dhabi is the beginning of the cooperation between special Olympics ABU dhabi and large-scale professional games. Because of its professionalism and rigor, special Olympics ABU dhabi has won the favor of many fortune 500 enterprises and world-class competitions successively. With the accumulated experience of world games in cooperation with special Olympics ABU dhabi, we will do better! We look forward to cooperating with more world competitions, using technology to make sports more fashionable and show more humanistic care!