Special Olympics Abu Dhabi - Part 4


The ThinkRace Smart Watch is HOT for Special Olympics Abu Dhabi


Special Olympics 2019 will be held in ABU dhabi, uae on March 21, 2019. It is the first time that special Olympics has been to the Middle East since its 50th anniversary. Special Olympics athletes from all over the world will strive to live their wonderful life!



Nanjing THINKRACE technology co., ltd. provided intelligent wear support for the first special Olympics world summer games in the Middle East. It was also the first time for special Olympics to use intelligent wear devices, which showed a different kind of wonderful for this special Olympics.




This smart wearable watch has many functions that are very suitable for athletes.For example, it can locate the position and movement track of the wristwatch in real time, and the position of the athletes is clear at a glance. This function is essential for the particularity of the athletes in the Olympic Games. Externally, it is easier for users to wear.More powerful, SOS one-click help can enable athletes to press the red SOS key in case of physical discomfort or emergency to call the pre-set help object, at the same time smart watch can insert SIM card, can be used independently of the mobile phone, let the watch and mobile phone talk to each other at any time, more lightweight and convenient. All of the above shows the attention to product details, ensuring that every athlete can enjoy the best experience in this Olympic Games.



At this special Olympics, not only athletes wear smart watches, but also every team leader "shows no weakness". Whether it's a race, a podium, or a break, the ubiquitous smart watch is standard for everyone at the games, Smart wearable devices provided by Nanjing THINKRAACE are deeply loved and become a favorite.



The organizing committee of special Olympics ABU dhabi and other delegations expressed their hope to use the special Olympics as a starting point and cooperate with THINKRACE to provide more intelligent wearable devices for special people, so as to help them integrate into society and become useful people, and promote the respect and tolerance of the whole society for them.



Mr. Tang rixin, CEO of Nanjing THINKRACE, agrees with this. It has always been THINKRACE's responsibility and mission to provide help for special people.We are willing to give up the limitation of nationality and nationality to bring Gospel to more people in need.