Special Olympics Abu Dhabi - Part 3


Tailored for Special Groups, ThinkRace Smart Watch intimate service special Olympics Athletes Health


On the evening of March 14, 2019, the crown prince of ABU dhabi H.H Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed announced the official opening of the 15th special Olympics world summer games at the zayed stadium. The special Olympics, which will be the world's largest sports and humanitarian event this year, will focus on eliminating discrimination against people with intellectual disabilities worldwide and creating inclusive communities.




Nanjing THINKRACE technology co., ltd. provides smart wearable watches for the special Olympics, which can remotely monitor athletes' heart rate, sleep, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc., and establish personal electronic health records. If athletes encounter physical discomfort, they can be treated in time to truly realize real-time remote health monitoring.




Each monitoring, each time the blood pressure changes, let you intuitively clear understand the blood pressure changes over a period of time, intelligent to analyze whether it belongs to the normal range;Sleep monitoring can automatically track the time of sleep and analyze the time of deep sleep, light sleep and wakefulness. By drawing a chart of sleep trends, sleep quality can be analyzed to provide a reference for coaches and team leaders to pay attention to the physical conditions of athletes.



This smart wearable wristwatch is not a single watch, but a health management system integrating intelligent hardware and APP database, providing help for the scheduling and management of matches.



Nanjing THINKRACE is constantly innovating and upgrading wearable devices, hoping to create greater value for customers. The experience of providing smart wearable for special Olympics will provide valuable experience for serving other world-class competitions in the future.