Special Olympics Abu Dhabi - Part 2 (Smart Watch)


ThinkRace Smart Watch for the Special Olympics Escort


The 2019 world special Olympics in Abu Dhabi is an indispensable opportunity created by a group of special Olympics people striving for progress. It is an excellent example of sports inclusiveness and spirit, and a milestone moment to witness the integration of power. Special athletes go out into the world, out of their homes, and communities, and prove that intellectual barriers don't stop them from living wonderful lives.




At the same time, Nanjing THINKRACE pays attention to product features and details, so that each smart wearable watch can bring real valuable information and continuous benefits to athletes. For example: athletes splash their smart watches when they wash their hands, wash their faces or when it rains. The water-proof and dust-proof rating of this smart wearable wristwatch of THINKRACE reaches IP67, which can not only easily deal with the water-proof life, but also adapt to the special requirements of dust-proof desert environment in Abu Dhabi. Specially adopted high-density polymer battery, with standby time of up to 7 days, can avoid athletes' trouble of frequent charging and easily deal with special unexpected situations.




ThinkRace technology is committed to providing comprehensive guarantees of safety, health and itinerary arrangement for outdoor activities such as large-scale sports meeting, marathon and cross-country race. It can provide technical support for scientific sports, activity arrangement and venue management by using high-precision sensors and intelligent algorithms of big data. THINKRACE will give full play to its advantages to provide customers with location safety and health management services, intelligent wearable cloud services and APP development with global coverage, and operation and maintenance of safety and health big data, so as to contribute to more world-class competitions.