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Coal mine construction workers smart 4G watch smart site GPS positioning system management platform

In today’s rapidly developing industrial era, the safety of coal mine construction sites has always been the focus of social attention. In order to improve the level of site safety management and ensure the life safety of workers, a smart 4G watch designed for coal mine construction workers – smart site GPS positioning dual system with management platform came into being. The following is a detailed introduction to this product.

Product overview
Product name: Coal mine construction site workers three smart 4G watch

Core functions: smart site GPS positioning, dual satellite system, 4G communication, remote monitoring, emergency rescue, health management, waterproof and dustproof, etc.

This watch is an innovative product combining modern technology and industrial needs, designed to provide a safe and reliable personal location and communication tool for workers on coal mine construction sites.

Functional characteristics
4G communication capability: The built-in 4G module of the watch ensures that a stable communication connection can be maintained in underground or remote areas to achieve voice calls and data transmission.

GPS+ Beidou dual satellite positioning system: Combining the dual positioning capabilities of the international GPS system and the domestic Beidou system, it provides more accurate location information, even in deep underground.

Remote photo upload: The watch is equipped with high-definition cameras, workers can take photos at any time and upload to the server, so that management can understand the site situation in real time.

Two-way call and SOS one-key call for help: In case of emergency, workers can quickly send a distress signal through the SOS button, and the watch supports two-way call to ensure timely communication.

System delivery information: The management platform can send pictures, text and AI intelligent voice broadcast to the watch to ensure that workers receive important notifications and instructions in a timely manner.

IP68 waterproof: The watch has top waterproof performance and is not afraid of the humid environment of the coal mine site.

Heart rate, blood oxygen, temperature monitoring: built-in health monitoring sensors, real-time monitoring of workers’ physiological status, prevent occupational diseases and accidents.

Fall Alert function: Intelligently identifies falls and automatically sends alerts to ensure quick response to possible injuries.

Low battery alarm: The watch will issue an alarm when the battery is low, reminding workers to charge it in time.

Positioning system background management platform: provides a comprehensive background management system to facilitate managers to monitor the location of workers and equipment status in real time.

Hardware OEM and software function customization: Provide personalized hardware customization and software function development according to customer needs.

Application scenario
This smart 4G watch is suitable for a variety of coal mine construction site environment, ground construction, can provide comprehensive security and communication support.

Site positioning: In construction sites, the watch’s dual satellite positioning system can help accurately track the location of workers to prevent getting lost or trapped.

Emergency rescue response: In case of an accident, the SOS one-key call function can quickly notify the rescue team and improve the rescue efficiency.

Health management monitoring: working in the coal mine environment for a long time, the health monitoring function of the watch helps to detect the abnormal physical condition of the workers in time.

On-site management communication: Management can issue instructions through the watch to effectively communicate with workers and improve work efficiency.

Coal mine construction site workers’ smart 4G watch is not only a communication tool, but also a comprehensive safety management assistant. It provides workers with a safer and smarter working environment through integrated high-tech features. Choosing this watch is choosing the safety of the workers and the smooth progress of the project.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, we believe that this watch will become an important auxiliary tool for the safety management of coal mine construction sites and escort the safety of workers.


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