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Anti-demolition bracelet community correction locator judicial correction community supervision 4G positioning watch

In the field of judicial correction, the execution of sentences outside prison, as a humane way of execution, provides a social environment for the rehabilitation of non-violent criminals, especially first-time offenders, occasional offenders and those who suffer from serious diseases and are not fit to serve in prison. However, in order to ensure the effectiveness and safety of out-of-prison execution, real-time monitoring of the whereabouts of offenders has become particularly important. To this end, our company has developed a 4G positioning watch designed for judicial correction and community supervision – anti-demolition bracelet for execution outside prison.

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Product overview
The anti-demolition bracelet is a smart wearable device that integrates 4G communication, GPS positioning, anti-demolition alarm, health monitoring and other functions. It is designed for judicial correction and community supervision to ensure that offenders’ behavior is effectively monitored while serving outside prison, while protecting their basic personal safety and privacy rights.

Core function
4G communication capability: The watch supports 4G full network communication, ensuring that a stable communication connection can be maintained in any environment, facilitating the communication and information transfer between judicial organs and criminals.

High-precision GPS positioning: Built-in high-precision GPS module to track the location of criminals in real time, help the judicial authorities to quickly locate, to ensure that the scope of activities of criminals within the specified community.

Anti-demolition alarm system: the watch has anti-demolition function, once the illegal removal is attempted, the system will automatically trigger the alarm, notify the judicial authorities, and ensure the continuity of supervision.

Health monitoring: The watch can monitor vital signs such as the heart rate and blood pressure of criminals, find health problems in time, and ensure the health of criminals.

Emergency help: In the event of an emergency, criminals can quickly send out a help signal through the SOS button on the watch to ensure timely rescue.

Electronic fence: By setting up electronic fence, limit the scope of criminals’ activities, once the boundary is crossed, the system will automatically alarm.

Data synchronization: The watch can synchronize data with the supervision background of the judicial authorities to update the location and health data of criminals in real time.

Waterproof and dust-proof: The watch has IP68 waterproof and dust-proof function to adapt to a variety of harsh working environments.

Long-acting battery: The watch uses a large-capacity lithium battery to support long-term use, reduce the number of charges, and improve regulatory efficiency.

Application scenario
Judicial correction: For offenders with non-custodial sentences, real-time monitoring is carried out through watches to ensure that they comply with community correction regulations.

Community supervision: Community correction institutions can carry out daily supervision of criminals through watches to detect and correct misconduct in a timely manner.

Health monitoring: The health monitoring function of the watch can provide basic health protection for criminals and prevent diseases.

Emergency response: When criminals encounter an emergency, they can respond quickly through the SOS function to ensure their life safety.

Technical parameter
Communication module: 4G full network

Positioning accuracy: ±5 meters

Heart rate monitoring: 24-hour real-time monitoring

Blood pressure monitoring: Automatic measurement, accurate data

Waterproof class: IP68

Anti-demolition alarm: automatic alarm for illegal demolition

Electronic fence: Range limits can be set

Service and support
We provide comprehensive after-sales service and technical support to ensure that judicial authorities and community correction institutions can successfully use the anti-demolition bracelet outside prison. At the same time, we will continue to update and optimize product features to meet the changing needs of judicial correction.

The anti-demolition bracelet implemented outside prison is a helpful assistant for judicial correction and community supervision. Through this watch, the judicial authorities can supervise criminals more efficiently and safely, while providing a social environment for criminals to reform. By choosing our out-of-prison execution anti-demolition bracelet, you are choosing an innovative, reliable and efficient judicial correction solution.


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