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Non-custodial personnel positioning control platform waterproof and anti-disassembly GPS locator 4G card electronic footer system

In judicial practice, the supervision of non-custodial personnel has always been a challenge. How can we ensure that they are able to exercise effective control without losing their freedom? With its innovative technology, Thinkrace has launched the non-custodial personnel positioning and control platform, a 4G card electronic footer system that integrates waterproof, anti-disassembly and GPS positioning, providing an efficient and safe solution for the supervision of non-custodial personnel.

Product characteristics

  1. Waterproof design

The electronic ankle clasp uses a high standard of waterproof technology, even in wet or rainy environments, it can maintain normal work, ensuring regulatory continuity and stability.

  1. Anti-demolition mechanism

The built-in anti-demolition mechanism ensures that the electronic footfasteners cannot be removed without authorization. Once an illegal removal is detected, the system will automatically trigger an alarm and notify supervisors in real time via the 4G network.

  1. 4G network support

Built-in 4G module, support high-speed data transmission, whether in the city or remote areas, can ensure the real-time transmission and reception of information.

  1. GPS location

The high-precision GPS positioning function, combined with the Beidou satellite system, realizes accurate positioning on a global scale, ensuring that supervisors can grasp the location information of non-detainees in real time.

  1. Geo-fencing

Through the background system to set up geo-fencing, once non-custody personnel leave the set area, the system will automatically alert, effectively prevent violations.

  1. Remote monitoring

Regulators can remotely monitor the status of the electronic ankle buckle through the platform, including power, signal strength, etc., to ensure that the equipment is always in the best working condition.

  1. Data security

Advanced data encryption technology is adopted to ensure data security during transmission and prevent information leakage.

Usage scenario

Judicial supervision

The non-custodial personnel positioning and control platform is applicable to the judicial supervision field, providing a powerful supervision tool for judges, lawyers and law enforcement personnel to ensure that the actions of non-custodial personnel in judicial proceedings such as trials and investigations are effectively monitored.

Community correction

By wearing electronic ankle bracelets, community correction personnel can move freely in the community while their behavior is monitored, which helps them better integrate into society and reduce the risk of recidivists.

Enterprise supervision

Companies can also use the platform to monitor their employees, especially in situations where they need to ensure compliance with specific codes of conduct or safety regulations.

Special population monitoring

For special groups of people who need special monitoring, such as the elderly with cognitive impairments, electronic ankle buckles can help family members or guardians know their location in real time and prevent them from getting lost.


Thinkrace’s non-custodial personnel positioning management platform, with its innovative design concept and powerful functions, provides a new solution for the supervision of non-custodial personnel. It not only improves the efficiency and safety of supervision, but also provides more freedom and respect for non-custodial personnel. Choosing Thinkrace is to choose the perfect combination of technology and humanistic care to make supervision smarter and life safer.


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