Over 17 years we help companies to build their own electronic monitoring solutions. ThinkRace is dedicated on provide safety supervision products .

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Thinkrace Personnel Tracking System Ensures Enhanced Safety

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Introducing Thinkrace, a leading provider of GPS positioning systems and intelligent management solutions. With our cutting-edge technology and Linux operating language, we offer advanced 4G electronic bracelets and a comprehensive supervision platform for intelligent management. Our solutions revolutionize monitoring and tracking, ensuring the safety and efficient management of individuals in various contexts.

Key Features:

  • GPS Positioning System: Thinkrace’s GPS positioning system utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide accurate and real-time location tracking. This enables precise monitoring and enhances safety and security in applications such as personal tracking, fleet management, and asset tracking.
  • Linux Operating Language: Our solutions are powered by the Linux operating language, ensuring stability, security, and seamless integration with other systems. This enables efficient data processing, customization, and scalability to meet diverse requirements.
  • 4G Electronic Bracelets: Thinkrace offers advanced 4G electronic bracelets that combine GPS positioning, communication capabilities, and intelligent features. These bracelets enable effective supervision and monitoring in applications such as community correction, elderly care, and child safety.
  • Supervision Platform: Our intelligent management platform provides a centralized hub for monitoring, data analysis, and reporting. It enhances operational efficiency, simplifies data management, and enables proactive decision-making for effective supervision and management.

Experience the innovation and expertise of Thinkrace, a leading provider of GPS positioning systems and intelligent management solutions. With our cutting-edge technology, Linux operating language, and 4G electronic bracelets, we redefine monitoring and tracking for enhanced safety and efficiency. Trust in our supervision platform to provide a centralized hub for intelligent management, data analysis, and proactive decision-making. Embrace the power of Thinkrace’s GPS positioning system and intelligent solutions to transform your tracking, monitoring, and management processes.


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