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[Video]TR40-Tamper Proof GPS GPRS Personal Tracker with Geo-fence SOS Free APP Hand Held GPS Tracking Device

The TR40 is a 4G GPS ankle monitor for sale, offering unparalleled connectivity and coverage. This prisoner tracker bracelet uses GPS tracking to establish virtual boundaries and alerts authorities if the wearer attempts to leave the designated area. It is a trusted solution employed by law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities worldwide to ensure compliance and public safety.

[Video]TR40-Tamper Proof GPS GPRS Personal Tracker with Geo-fence SOS Free APP Hand Held GPS Tracking Device


1. Being suitable for Global 4G network in worldwide.

2. Supporting GPS, AGPS, LBS and Wifi for outdoor and indoor precise tracking.

3. Supporting alert of tampeproof, geofence, offline and low battery.

4. IP67/ IP68 waterproof for swimming and taking shower with room temperature water.

5.Customization of tracking software and APPs to build your own monitoring system.

6.Customizing tracking system and App , hardware, appearance, firmware and packaging with your brand.

Main chip-setSL8521E(1.3GHZ)Dual-core ARM Cortex A53 processorSpeaker/MicYes
OSAndroidLEDShowing charging status, power level
Network bands (1) FDD: Band 1\3\7\8\20 TDD: Band38\39\40\41(100M)WCDMA: Band 1\3\5\8 GSM: Band 2\3\5\8Network bands (2)FDD: Band 2\4\5\7\12 or 17WCDMA2\4\5GSM: Band 2\3\5\8
Sim card typeNano SIMChargerMagnetic charger  5V/1APortable Charger (optional) 
MemoryNAND+LPDDR2 4Gb+4GBBatteryAnkle tracker: 4000 mAhPortable charger power bank 5000 mAh  ( optional )
GPSHigh sensitive GPS chipBattery lifeMore than 7 days
GPS frequencyGPS L1, 1575.42MHzWaterproofIP67 / IP68
GPS AntennaLDSStrap MaterialMedical TPU
GPS sensitiveTracking sensitivity:-165dBm Capture sensitivity:-147dBmSOS all and alertYes
TTFF(open sky)Avg. hot start<5sec Avg. cold start<45secTamper alertYes
WIFIYesSize81.92*70.00*22.88 cm
Blue toothBLE4.2Strap size23.00 cm
Real-time trackingGPS+WiFi+LBS+AGPS indoor and outdoor tracking
Location HistoryKeep more than one year location history and play back any time
Tamper proofIn case the user break the device, it will send the voice alarm from the device, and the alarm message will be sent to the server by mobile network.
Geofence alarmSend alert to the tracking server when the watch enter/out of the Geofence arrange
Low battery alarmLow battery alarm
Offline alarmSend alarm to the server when device is offline
Water proofIP67 / IP68 water proof
Portable chargePortable power bank charge the device (optional)
SOS buttonSOS, answer calls
EnrolmentRegister new tracking user
DischargeDischarge users
Alarm ReportsGraphic report
Geofence reportGeofence list report

The TR40 is widely recognized as a leading home arrest monitor in the industry. Its robust features and extensive connectivity options, including 4G support, enable seamless communication between the device and monitoring centers. This ensures prompt alerts and notifications whenever a violation occurs, granting authorities the abili


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