Applicable industries
Industry pain spot
Training situation
I don't know the training situation of the athletes during the competition / training
health problem
Unable to master athlete health data in real time
time control
How to control the training time of athletes
Athlete safety
How to ensure the safety of Marathon and other sports
The mobile terminal is equipped with speedometer, GPS module heart rate monitor and athlete data overview table to master the athlete training situation in real time
Body health data detection (blood pressure measurement of AF detection, heart rate monitoring, etc.) and timely feedback to the mobile terminal
The training time of the athletes can be set. Once the sports time is up, the athletes will be reminded to exercise in time
Set up a safety fence and send an alarm to the mobile terminal as soon as the wearer exceeds the safety range
Molding products
Smart sports vest
Somatosensory apparatus
Platform and APP
Industry advantage
Positioning accuracy
Low energy consumption
Certificate of high and low temperature
Comply with European standards
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