Applicable industries
medical institution
Industry pain spot
Unknown location
It's not accurate to ask for help Describe your position
Shortcut route
Do not know the fastest rescue route affects rescue efficiency
Road congestion
Rescue of road congestion caused by traffic accidents
personnel allotment
How to manage employees and the elderly reasonably and effectively
When the person asking for help dials the call for help, he / she can synchronously send the location information to the first-aid personnel
Turn on GPS navigation during first aid and show the best route to arrive, so as to reduce the time for rescue as much as possible
When the ambulance carries out first aid, the surrounding environment of the first aid shall be monitored and the congested road sections shall be avoided in time to improve the rescue efficiency
Conduct daily, weekly and monthly reports, make statistics of big data, analyze and get accurate data, and help personnel scheduling
Molding products
Platform and APP
Industry advantage
Positioning accuracy
Data criterion
Flash memory
Comply with European standards
Highly compatible
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