Applicable industries
Courier Services Company
Industry pain spot
Vehicle location
Unable to master the vehicle in real time Positioning, affecting transportation efficiency
Vehicle allocation
Unreasonable regional distribution of vehicles Affect the efficiency of work
Driving range
I wonder if the van is over Prescribed route
Fatigue driving
Driver can guide for a long time Fatigue, driving hazard
Vehicle safety
If the vehicle is carried out every day Vehicle inspection will affect truck efficiency
GPS real-time positioning, express companies can Clearly grasp the real-time position of freight cars to improve Transport efficiency
System support fleet management, express company Effective vehicle scheduling based on data analysis improve work efficiency
Express companies can set up electronic fence Once the truck is out of the safety range Send alarm signal to the platform immediately
The driving time can be set on the platform The aircraft is driven for more than a certain period of time, mobile terminal Send out an alarm message to the driver
Through on-board OBD, the driver can use the hand Machine app will quickly check the vehicle and Repair in time to improve work efficiency
Molding products
Platform and APP
Industry advantage
Positioning accuracy
Low energy consumption
Certificate of high and low temperature
Comply with European standards
Highly compatible
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