Applicable industries
Environmental sanitation worker
Community workers
Municipal Industry
Industry pain spot
Difficulty in examination
Regular inspection of traditional assessment mode, unable to give timely feedback
Regulatory difficulties
Sanitation workers leave without permission, unable to monitor and manage in time
Scheduling difficulties
In case of emergency, sanitation workers cannot be reasonably dispatched
Emergency first aid
Sanitation workers are in danger and managers are unable to rescue them in time
One click clock in of Bracelet equipment, automatic monitoring of late, early leave and absenteeism of personnel, automatic summary of monthly attendance report
Administrators can set up area fences and work areas for sanitation workers to realize digitalization and networking of sanitation workers management
If the sanitation workers find problems, they can report them through the electronic work card, and the management personnel can easily dispatch them through the mobile app.
When the sanitation workers are in danger or not in good time, they can call for help through the SOS alarm key and inform the first aid personnel in time
Molding products
Platform and APP
Industry advantage
Real time location
Remote attendance
Violation monitoring
Intelligent planning
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