Want to have a stress free journey? Enjoy a hassle free experience with luggage GPS tracker

GPS luggage locator

Smart GPS luggage tracker

Who wants to lose the luggage and be at the mercy of the airline! Of Course no one. GPS luggage tracker can assist us to keep our luggage safe and put the power back in our hands.

GPS luggage trackers might seem one of the best options as they include a GSM chip and can be tracked anywhere in the world.

GPS is astonishingly accurate and works almost everywhere whether you are traveling by air, sea or land. Keep track of your luggage anywhere across the globe while enjoying your trip.

GPS luggage locator- Your new travel buddy

  • Worldwide coverage.
  • Automatic GPS tracking that lets you enjoy a more successful and worry-free travel experience.
  • Long lasting battery.
  • Simple, reliable and friendly.
  • Works indoors and outdoors.
  • Mini size and lightweight.
  • Real-time tracking and location history.
  • An emergency SOS button.
  • Geofence notification.

Forget about stress, wherever you go, go with luggage GPS tracker

When we travel to any new destinations, we always come back bringing with us a bagful of memories and various memento. But what if you lose all of it?

Many people are now utilizing GPS locator in tracking their missing luggage. Tracking device like GPS luggage locator PT33 from ThinkRace is a tiny, durable, and portable tracking unit that can be attached or inserted inside your bag without occupying enough space. It enables you to trace your belongings in real time. You can check its location through your Smartphone. You can also set up a safe zone for your luggage and when it goes outside your allocated border, you will receive an alert immediately.

GPS tracking device has a built-in accelerometer that will permit you to set up speed thresholds for your luggage and you will also receive an alert if it goes faster than your adjusted the speed. This feature will automatically prevent bag theft by acting as soon as you receive the alert and locate your bag.

The next time you travel, insert a GPS tracking device PT33 from ThinkRace on your luggage to avoid losing memories.