VT33 Vehicle GPS Tracker for Your Car Safety

VT33 Vehicle GPS Tracker

A Vehicle Tracker, as the name suggests, is a device to track your vehicles. Be it your personal car, fleet, trucks or any vehicle that you need to track, a Vehicle GPS Tracker will monitor and provide you the current location of it. If you are afraid of your car getting theft or need to keep a track on your fleet, getting a VT33 Car Tracker is the best deal for you. Let’s know how.

Features of VT33 Car Tracker

The VT33 Vehicle Tracker, introduced by ThinkRace Technology is a complete solution when it comes to car tracking or fleet management. The device comes with real-time tracking system which allows you to track your vehicle from anywhere in the world with the help of its software. The software is fully compatible with Android/IOS and can be run in the browser also. And it is not limited just to the tracking. The software shows a full playback of wherever the vehicle has been through, generating an entire history route on the map. The location history can be viewed by selecting a specific date and time till the time you wish to end the route.

Another amazing feature this Vehicle GPS Tracker has is the electronic fence, also known as the GEO Fence. This feature lets you set specific areas and give names to it, let’s call them geolocations. So, whenever your vehicle enters or exits the geolocation, you will be notified. For example, if your vehicle enters an area that you named as “Office” in the software, you will be notified that your vehicle has arrived at the “Office.” Same goes for the other geolocations set by you.

Talking about the battery, the VT33 GPS Car Tracker is designed keeping in mind the battery efficiency and hence it comes with an intelligent power saving design. The device comes with built-in battery effectively prevents running out of power with the hardware battery protection circuit.

Never lose track of your vehicle and always be aware of your vehicle’s real-time location. From the starting state of the car to the driving speed, track everything efficiently. The GPS tracker also has an alarm function to notify you of any emergency situation of the vehicle like over-speeding etc.

Now let’s move on to the Specifications.

The GPS Vehicle Tracker VT33 comes with a built in 400MaH Battery. The device weighs approx. 51 grams. The positioning accuracy is close to 10 meters and the standby time is three years. The Built-in GPS/GSM antenna provides better accuracy in the location. The tracker comes with one year of warranty. There are three internal LED indicators of three different colours – Blue, Green, and Red. The Blue indicator indicates the device is using GPS; the green is for GSM and the red LED displays the power.

If we talk about the adaptability of this device, the VT33 can be embedded in any car, truck, scooter or any special vehicle, which makes this Vehicle Tracker undoubtedly a gem in the world of IOT devices.