Take charge for the security of your car with OBD 2 Car GPS Tracker


We all dream to own a car one day and go for a long drive filled with fun, excitement and enthusiasm. We love our car more than anything in this world and are too attached to it to let it go. But are we really taking care of our car? How do we know that it is not being mishandled in our absence? These are some questions that we usually neglect and end up with a broken car or rather a broken dream. But now it is a thing of past. Our latest GPS vehicle tracker has hit the market and will help you out in keeping a check on your car even when you are not physically present near it.

ThinkRace Technology is here yet again to bring to you a gift that you will cherish forever. Our OBD 2 GPS Car Tracker VT200 is the answer to all your car-related queries. It is the professional GPS tracking solution for your car which enables you to track the location, route history and speed of your car with the aid of your smartphone. You can access the information of your car via our website platforms or mobile application services.

Prime features of OBD 2 GPS Car Tracker VT200

The device is designed to assist you in easy detection of your vehicle with the Global Positioning Systems. It comes with an internal superior sensitivity MTK chipset as well as an accelerometer for movement observation and analyzing the behavior of the driver. It helps you in monitoring the rash driving habits of your teenager, spouse or chauffeur to guide them and prevent major accidents.

Another added advantage of the gadget is its excellent battery backup with long standby time. It is a simple plug and play device that is easy to install and amazingly efficient. The in-built alarms make sure that your car is safe and secure and not a target for the ever-increasing automobile theft practices. The device is quite comprehensive to use for personal as well as commercial purposes.

Our mission is to serve you better

We at ThinkRace constantly work around the clock to bring upon the most unique and innovative products that are up-to-date with the technological advancements of the day. We aspire to upgrade vehicle safety systems to the next level through our OBD 2 GPS Car Tracker VT200. In today’s world, it has become very important to safeguard our vehicles against any kind of damage and keep a watch at the driving skills of the person driving it to prevent thefts, accidents and death.

With an ability to assemble 8000 pieces at a go, we provide end-to-end solutions for all your business needs. We supply integrated cloud computing services with Amazon as our partner company. Our R&D team with its effective brainstorming sessions and exclusive research makes sure that our clients get the best products incorporating the latest developments in the field of technology. By providing OEM/ODM solutions to our clients we try to make an honest attempt to make the world a better place through proper use of technology.