Take care of your grandparents through these effective safety measures

elderly safety

Are your parents growing old? Are they too much dependent on you? Then, it is time that you take safety measures to ensure that they remain protected in their old age. Aged people are most prone to injuries due to their weakened muscles and reduced strength. We know that it is not possible for you to stay at home with them all the time. You need to go out to do your job and you have your own problems. But you have a responsibility towards your parents as well. Here is a list of things that you can do to assure that your elders are safe and sound even you are not around.

1. Make room by removing extra things

In old age, it becomes difficult to judge distances while walking which may lead to falls. Elders usually get themselves injured by bumping into something. Therefore, it is only wise to remove all the extra furniture and showpieces from the house that may hurt them in the long run.

2. Light up the surroundings

It is very important to have proper lighting in the house because the aged people normally have a blurred vision. Using nightlights will aid them to see things clearly at night as well.

3. Install handrails for staircases

Old people often complaint of knee pain due to which they have difficulty in climbing up or going down the stairs. Handrails will provide them support in case they wish to go upstairs or come downstairs.

4. Fix up grab bars in the bathrooms

There have been many incidents of elders falling in the bathroom while doing their morning chores. Therefore, it is important to install grab bars in the bathroom to avoid falls.

5. Keep a fire extinguisher

One of the most essential safety measures is to keep a fire extinguisher at home at all times in case a fire breaks out creating an emergency situation.

6. Maintain a first-aid box

Elderly people are more prone to diseases and may need medicines at any moment. Thus, sufficient medications should be kept within reach in order to avoid medical urgencies.

7. Do not keep large amounts of money or valuables at home

Keeping large amounts of money and valuables at home is not a safe option because the thieves may even hurt the elders in order to procure the possessions. Even if there is cash kept at home, elders must never disclose the details to anyone.

8. Secure the household using safety devices

The market is flourishing with a range of devices that can be installed in the house to ensure the security of the elders. These devices include CCTV cameras, magic eye, door safety chain, house alarm and strong iron grills.

9. Never keep an unverified domestic help

Sometimes people try to save their money by keeping unverified domestic help that may lead to a much greater compensation. Thus, old people are advised to not keep unverified domestic help and never let strangers enter the house at any cost.

10. Use GPS technology to track the position of the elderly

GPS technology acts as a boon when it comes to locate the exact position of a person on the world map. In today’s world, it has become absolutely necessary to safeguard our parents and grandparents with all possible safety measures. ThinkRace Technology thinks along the same lines and has recently launched an innovative product for the betterment of the elders. GPS Smart Watch PT88 comes with a multitude of features such as SOS alert button, GPS and GSM positioning systems, two-way communication, real-time location tracking and so on.

In addition, the watch can help the old age people in their day-to-day routines with a range of characteristics that include heart rate monitoring, alarm clock, sedentary reminder, in-built pedometer and much more. ThinkRace Technology is a business solutions provider company that aims at serving you better with its latest technology-ridden products.