Smart GPS Wearable for Alzheimer’s, Dementia & Elderly Patient Care from ThinkRace Technology

As with any illness, early detection is important. Elderly people need care and security especially with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients to enjoy quality of life. Along with elderly detection and treatment, comes the need for extra care and attention.

During the early stages of Alzheimer’s and dementia most patients are just beginning to show symptoms of the disease’s development. They still live independent lives only showing occasional instances of forgetfulness, confusion, and choosing words.

While neither Alzheimer’s nor dementia can be reversed but early diagnosis allows people who have the condition the opportunity to delay the onset of some of the more serious symptoms related to the disease and enjoy life and independence as the disease progresses.

Even before the symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s become more pronounced there is always that fear that the disease will progress without family members of patients recognizing the progression. The fear of wandering and being lost, unable to find a way home is terrifying to many people in the elderly stages of the illness.

Technology plays an important role in elderly care and health care industry. Lot of devices are available to take care of health and fitness of the patient. One of the devices is Elderly GPS Watch PT88 from ThinkRace Technology.

While GPS tracking in the form of GPS wearable for elderly people is essential to take care of elderly people. At times your loved can require some emergency and that time one need to locate about their position to provide immediate help. The PT88 GPS watch of elderly people can be very useful at this situation. It will not only help to locate our loved ones but it has a special SOS feature that can be pressed by person who is wearing for immediate help.

While wandering is typically a symptom of later stages of dementia, it can happen at any stage and getting turned around and confused or lost is something people without Alzheimer’s or dementia can do. GPS tracking offers an added layer of protection to offer peace of mind to loved ones caring for someone with this condition. The watch can be referred as an Alzheimer or Dementia watch as it’s a perfect companion for them as it also monitors health of the patient also. The watch smartly report & monitor sleep, calorie, pedometer, track location through API and platform. The two way calling feature allows the person stay connected with their loved ones.

GPS tracking through wearable trackers helps to put that fear to rest, or at least to calm that fear by offering peace of mind that you can track your loved one in they ever do get lost. The elder SOS GPS Tracking Watch for elderly loved ones that not just keeps elderly safe, but also gives them their independence and you a peace of mind.

ThinkRace Technology focuses on innovating and manufacturing tracking solution. We are leading partners in delivering the excess of GPS tracking solution to our B2B clients. The GPS watch is very helpful in taking care of health of patient by hospitals, nursing homes, NGOs, and health care industry.