VT06 Vehicle Tracker – Your Answer to Vehicle Theft

According to Interpol Vehicle Theft Statistics, worldwide 7.4 million vehicles were reported being missing or stolen in the year 2015 alone. Only 123,000 of these vehicles were identified and recovered with the help of Stolen Motor Vehicle(MSV) Database. That means a recovery rate of little over 16%. Conditions are worse for some of the Asian countries; take India for example which has a lowly recovery rate of 4%. Owning a vehicle in these conditions is a kind of distress on its own. People are always on the lookout for safe parking spots and some even avoid cars in some areas due to safety reasons. Owning a vehicle is not that cheap too; with high maintenance costs and insurance premiums, some people cannot afford to lose their car to larceny.

The solution to all these problems lies in vehicle anti-theft products and solutions. Most of us have heard about multi-alarm systems and electronic locking mechanisms. But thieves and especially notorious gangs have found new ways to crack open electronic locks of even high-end cars. But still, there is one thing which thieves haven’t been able to turn around and i.e. Vehicle GPS Trackers.

Installing a GPS Tracker in your car remarkably increases the chances of recovery. A whopping 90% recovery rate has been recorded for stolen vehicles installed with a GPS Tracker. Insurance Companies provide discounts when your car is installed with a vehicle tracker, get a discount of 10% or more on insurance premiums.

A good example of Vehicle GPS Tracker is the VT06 Vehicle Tracker by ThinkRace Technologies. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, it also offers a host of other safety and security features which includes Real-Time GPS Tracking, Static Drift Suppression, Anti-Theft Alarm and Trajectory Compensation. Designate safe areas for your vehicle and get instant notification when your vehicle leaves a safe or enters a restricted one. 

VT06 GPS Vehicle Tracker, your answer to malicious vehicle theft practices.