Tracking Teenager’s Reckless Driving Habits

Is your teenage daughter or son constantly pestering you for a car or vehicle of their own? And like many of the parents have you actually caved to his/her demands citing all the reasons about convenience and benefits. Then please you need to take a step back and ponder before making an informed decision. Let us just go through some of the real-time facts which come into play when you hand over the keys to your teenage daughter or son.

Six Teenagers aged between 16-19 died every day from motor vehicle engineers in the year 2015. And hold your breath, we have only taken the United States into account. The actual figure for the whole world will be phenomenally high especially if we take South-East Asian Countries into consideration where traffic rules don’t really make that much of a difference. You can release your breath now.

Mature drivers understand how fragile and fleeting life really is, which results in being more cautious behind the wheel. But what about a teenager who has just turned 16? Taking in relative terms, half of his life had been spent in gaining consciousness and growing physically. And can we really blame him? Most of us can’t remember what we were up to when we were five-year-old. 

Teenagers at this early age aren’t equipped with quick-decision making skills. And many times they are involved in reckless driving practices. To make matters worse, sometimes they even get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana or after getting high on drugs. In situations like these, they don’t just put their lives at risk but also put other’s lives in jeopardy. If not drugs or alcohol, then there are other activities which Teenagers indulge in when concentrating on the road is of paramount importance. 32.8% of teenagers admit having texted or emailed while driving and a whopping 56% have admitted talking on cell phones while they were behind the wheel.

I think we have said enough to grab your attention about your teenager’s driving habits. But now what is the solution? What can you really do? Well, this is when technology comes to the rescue. What you need is a simple OBD Tracker which can keep a record of anyone’s driving style or whosoever gets behind the wheel.

ThinkRace OBD Trackers are your ideal choice for this job. The OBDII Car Tracker detects instances of over speeding, hard braking, sudden acceleration, turning at sharp angles, prolonged idling etc. The device keeps teen drivers safe and is equipped with features that encourage safe driving.