Untaxing Fleet Management of Taxis with OBD GPS Tracker

Taxi Services in many parts of the world are finding it difficult to manage their maintenance costs and overheads due to infringed itinerary records from unreliable drivers. Not just the records but many times drivers are involved in illegal practices such as stealing fuel and removing costly vehicle components for their own use. What’s worse is that companies have got no way around their drivers as they can’t possibly track their whereabouts in real-time. 

But like the rise and commercialization of Taxi Services on a global scale, technology has also taken great strides since the beginning of 21st century. Today there is a very narrow window where drivers get the chance to dupe you due to the advent of GPS from the mid-90s. GPS Tracking Devices are rapidly bringing the management closer to their drivers through GPS Tracking Assistance. And what’s more, these devices can even notify about vehicle components and performance statistics in real-time.

Hypothetically let us take an example of a Nigerian B Taxi Company which is facing issues due to the illicit practices of its drivers. B company’s drivers are frequently reporting fewer passengers which are not in sync with the presumed demand. The money which was tended to transfer into company’s bank account is actually going to the driver’s pocket. What’s worse, drivers are also siphoning off fuel from their respective vehicle at the end of the day.

The company is getting flustered from all the wrongdoings on the drivers’ part. They want a viable low-cost solution to eliminate the entire mess of things. Well is there a solution?

Yes, every problem has got a solution these days. And the answer lies in GPS Technology. The company needs to go for an OBD GPS Car Tracker. Let us take the example of VT200 OBD Tracker and explain how can it make the days go by a lot easier for the company.

VT200 provides accurate mileage analysis for single as well as multiple trips. What’s better is that the data is shown in the form of a differential mileage analysis which is categorized into low and high speeds. Mileage records of each day can be easily uploaded to any processing unit with the help of GSM Network.

The tracker also provides fuel consumption analysis through which the company can keep a check on fuel and ensure that calculated amount of fuel is refilled. By combining this data with the mileage analysis the company can assert whether fuel was stolen or not.

Also, the VT200 OBD GPS Tracker is equipped with real-time tracking function and provides vehicle trajectory routes and location history which facilitates auditing of itinerary records.

It is a simple plug and play device which can be installed in the 16-pin OBD Port present in most of the cars and becomes operational in a mere 30 seconds. The VT200 OBDII Tracker is a one-stop solution for tracking and monitoring a fleet of cars. 

VT200 is a product of ThinkRace Technology which manufactures and provides GPS products and services to fleet management companies. They also customize the mobile app and web platform according to client’s needs and makes real-time tracking accessible from any smartphone or PC/Laptop.