New WiFi Feature in PT590 Pet Tracker

We understand that your four-legged buddies are more than just pets for you. They are a part of your family and enjoy the same privilege like any other family member. And like any other family member, they also need protection and security from your side. 

The PT590 Pet Tracker which always kept your pets near you just got equipped with a new feature. Your pets just got closer as the PT590 can now track them via WiFi. Yes, you read it right, your favorite pet tracker is now a 3-mode positioning device which can track via GPS, LBS, and WiFi. 

Which house isn’t having WiFi today? Almost all of the homes are equipped with a WiFi connection and many of these households have got pets. There can be instances when your pets are hiding out in a covert location and you aren’t able to track them via the Pet Tracker as GPS and LBS aren't working or isn’t enough, so to speak.

That’s why the PT590 has been equipped with WiFi Functionality so that you can easily track your pets when the other two modes aren’t able to track them. The WiFi feature further increases positioning accuracy and precision.

The PT590 Pet Tracker is your ideal partner to track your feline and canine companions.