OBD and Fleet Management for Safety & Security

Transport Companies are slowly but surely making the progress towards fleet management system in order to reduce risks associated with transportation. In the modern age of smartphones and supercomputers, businesses are realizing that just relying on phone calls and SMS-based services isn’t going to be enough to keep a track of their fleet or even drivers who might be deviating from their prescribed trajectory for unscheduled breaks.

Companies require an affordable and yet a robust wireless system that can handle fleets of any size. In these kinds of situation, Fleet Management is your best bet. The Fleet Management System utilizes the interconnected system of GPS, GPRS and GSM to provide accurate location-based services. 

To achieve this kind of connectivity, the system incorporates the use of GPS Tracking devices mainly vehicle trackers or OBD trackers. These devices are compatible with most kinds of movers such as trucks, lorries, LMVs and to an extent even HMVs. 

These devices ensure that your fleet management system is reliable and efficient. Some of the advantages of investing in a Fleet Management System are as follows:

  • Fuel Management

Analyse idle time of your drivers and get mileage reports which are essential to reduce fuel costs and overheads.

  • Time Management

Track every unit’s trajectory and make sure each unit is following the most optimized route in order to save time and resources.

  • Reduction in Insurance Costs

Most of the insurance companies provide cost benefits or other financial incentives when any transportation business is equipped with a recognized Fleet Management System.

  • Reduction in Maintenance Costs

Advanced telematics of OBD Trackers and Vehicle Trackers provide real-time vehicle diagnostics, fuel efficiency & mileage reports and power unit statistics. No need to spend money for a routine inspection. Go for preventive measures before any problem related to any of the vehicle components escalates.

These GPS Tracking devices understand and translate a comprehensive set of vehicle diagnostic codes for your own benefit. Fleet Management System is essentially a rugged data management system which is compatible and can be incorporated into all kinds of transportation business models.

We at ThinkRace Technology are aware of the benefits of Fleet Management System and have thus launched numerous vehicle trackers and OBD products for the benefit of businesses and transport companies. We have been providing vehicle tracking solutions to B2B clients for over a decade now.