Luggage GPS Tracker PT33

GPS luggage tracker PT33


You're standing at a baggage carousel for what seems like forever when the steady flow of bags onto the conveyor belt slows to a trickle, then stops. Your bags are nowhere in sight. It’s one of a traveller’s worst nightmares - being the last person at the airport conveyor belt and coming to that slow realisation that your bag isn’t coming.

GPS luggage tracker PT33 is the individual GPS tracking device which designed for the luggage, baggage, suitcase. With a compact and thin design, it is easy to put in the luggage, suitcase and baggage. The size is 90.2*58*7.6mm; weight is 50g, suitable for carrying to travel. The luggage locator can be monitored through APP and platform at the same time, with Geo-fencing setting alarm function; it is enhancing the safety of your baggage.

GPS luggage tracker

Why choose our luggage gps tracker?

  • Real time tracking
  • Voice monitor
  • Geofence Notification
  • Sleep mode
  • SOS button emergency
  • Location history
  • Mini size and light weight
  • Bigger battery for long stand by time


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luggage gps

Real Time Locator


Stay connected with your luggage via GPS using iOS or Android App.

PT33 Luggage finder supports gps and lbs position,
allow we to locate our baggage using the most accurate location information,
both indoors and outside.
Using the app, you can see your luggage's location on a map at any time.
For we with multiple suitcases, we can simply create a profile for each suitcase in the app.


luggage gps

gps tracking device for luggage

Voice Monitoring

Voice monitoring functionality
can make calls at the simple touch of a button.
The MINI tracker is designed so that with the simple touch of a button,
we are able to know where they are when someone get our lost luggage.


Geofence Alarm


We can set up a airport area for baggage,
once our baggage leave this area,
we will get the alarm information from the APP we are using, to prevent luggage lost.


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The app is available in the Apple® App Store and Google Play store.

With the ThinkRace mobile companion app, the host can control their luggage' ThinkRace right from their smartphone. They can set up their luggage’s account, add the contacts, manage SafeZones, track their lugage’s location, and voice monitoring luggage from the app.


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